14 of the Best Moments from Disney’s Descendants 3


Descendants 3 rounds out the final chapter of the VK kids and we couldn’t be happier with how the series ended. We’ve compiled our favorite moments in Descendants 3. 

If you haven’t seen Descendants 3, this post contains ALL the spoilers. 

  1. Lots of new VK’s

Seeing all the new VK (villain kids). We already got a taste of Dizzy in Descendants 2 but we get the addition of Celica, Dr. Facilier’s daughter, and Smee’s twins, Squirmy and Squeaky!

Descendants 3 VK Kids

2. Ben proposes to Mal

We’ve been waiting for three movies for this moment! Props to Ben for picking the perfect ring for Mal also. 

Descendants 3 Ben proposes to Mal

3. The Queen of Mean

Be honest, we all thought Hades was the villain we should be worried about, best twist goes to Audrey! Audrey SLAYED that solo and became the “Queen of Mean.” The knock out performance goes to Sarah Jeffery as Audrey. Her wicked laugh is on point.

Descendants 3 Audrey Queen of Mean

4. Mal suggests closing the barrier

I’m sorry what? Did this VK just say that!?

Descendants 3 Mal Close the Barrier

5. Audrey turns Mal into the old hag

I did not see that kind of vengeance coming, thank goodness the Isle barrier broke that one.

Descendants 3 Mal Old Hag

6. Mal’s Dad in HADES

When Mal said…”Hi, Dad” to Hades. We all made the same face Celia did with that plot twist. Mal is pretty amazing considering how evil her parents are. The god of the underworld!? 

Descendants 3 Mal Dad Hades

7. When Doug fakes out Evie

The tables have turned and it’s now the damsel helping out the boy under a spell. Loved this twist of the story.

Descendants 3 Evie True Love Kiss


8. Beast Ben

Gotta love that there is a little Beast hiding in Ben and Audrey releases that side of him. It’s a good look, at least Mall seems to think so. 

Descendants 3 Beast Ben

9. Uma and Mal use magic together

It was nice to see Uma and Mal finally becoming friends and working together to fend off Audrey’s spells. 

Descendants 3 Uma and Mal Magic

10. Celia breaks the ember

Celia was not happy about the fact that she won’t be able to see her father again. Can you blame her for wanting to ruin Mal’s plans? Descendants 3 Celia Break Ember

11. Hades hands Mal the ember

Hades doesn’t have much use for it on the Isle of the Lost since it doesn’t work out there. The safest place for it is with Mal. Descendants 3 Hades Gives Mal Ember

12. Mal drops the barrier forever. 

“I’ve learned that you can’t live in fear, because it doesn’t actually protect you from anything. You never know where the bad is going to come from, and you never know where the heroes are going to come from either. We are all capable of good and bad, no matter which side of the barrier we come from.” -Mal

This was the best moment of the movie. Such a powerful message. Together with the other VK’s they help drop the barrier for good. Descendants 3 Mal Takes Down Barrier

13. Hades gives Ben the evil eye

What story wouldn’t be complete with an evil look from your father-in-law to let you know, “I’m watching you!”Descendants 3 Hades gives Ben evil eye

14. The VK’s return to the Isle to visit their families.

The VK’s return to visit their families after not seeing them for so long. It’s interesting that of all the times they have returned to the Isle, not once did they pop in for a visit. Either way, I’m glad they made family a priority.

Descendants 3 End

What was your favorite moment from Descendants 3? Let us know in the comments. 


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