Magic Kingdom Fastpass Plus Attractions for Crowded Days


When it gets really crowded at the Magic Kingdom, some of the classics still get huge lines. Luckily, there aren’t the same restrictions on Fastpass Plus selections at the Magic Kingdom as there are at Epcot or Hollywood Studios. You can schedule Fastpasses for rides wherever they are available. As long as you don’t schedule them too early in the day, or too late, you can leverage the crowds to make the most of your Fastpasses and then snatch up more, one by one as they crop up during the rest of the say. You can tell when the park is expected to be busy based on how high the cost of your ticket is. If you paid too much, it’s probably a really crowded day. Here are the five Magic Kingdom Fastpass attractions you want when the crowds are at their worst.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain remains the most popular attraction in Walt Disney World wait times are regularly over an hour and a half long for this attraction. Despite having two separate tracks that operate simultaneously, Space Mountain rarely sees a reduction to the wait time.

Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is also commonly a very high wait time. However, the long trains help the line to move more quickly than the one at Space Mountain. Consequently, the queue is sometimes much shorter than other thrill rides in the park. When the park becomes very crowded, though. That doesn’t seem to matter. Eliminate the guesswork and use a Magic Kingdom Fastpass option on this to be safe. Or, ride it first when the park opens.


Peter Pan’s Flight

This attraction is always a very long wait. It might not get to Space Mountain levels, but for a dark Fantasyland ride, it a pretty ridiculous amount of time to put aside for the attraction. There is an interactive queue, but your best bet is just to use a Fastpass and bypass most of the Standby line to ride.

Splash Mountain

Like Space Mountain on the other end of the park, Splash Mountain gets a very long line fast. It’s especially appealing on hot summer days. This ride can be enjoyed without a Fastpass along with Big Thunder if you get to these attractions soon enough after park opening. However, at the attractions most popular times, you will need a Fastpass to avoid waiting for over an hour and a half on a busy day.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Although this attraction has the same benefit of a long train (a mine train at that) as Big Thunder, the relatively new attraction still packs in significant numbers that rival the length of the Space Mountain queue. If you really want to experience this ride, you will need a Magic Kingdom Fastpass for it.

Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom
SPLASHDOWN! — Brer Rabbit’s quest for adventure and his rival’s plot to do him in launch Walt Disney World Resort guests on an action-filled journey with a thrill-packed, five-story “splashdown” finale on Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom. The attraction is based on animated sequences in Walt Disney’s 1946 film “Song of the South.” Magic Kingdom is located in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Garth Vaughan, photographer)


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