Create Your Own Na’vi Avatar Action Figure in Pandora


Create Your Own Na'vi Avatar Action Figure in PandoraIf you’re a fan of James Cameron’s Avatar, then you will love the ACE Avatar Maker located inside Windtraders in Pandora the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You can transform yourself into your very own Avatar Action Figure. It’s one of the best souvenirs to take home from your off-world adventure. We share with you the process of this unique Disney experience.


We took a video of the process of becoming an Avatar. Check it out.


To start the process, head to Windtraders. It is the retail store located in Pandora the World of Avatar. The ACE Avatar Maker has two booths for scanning in case it’s a busy day. An ACE technician will activate an Avatar Maker card and assign it to you so that it can properly keep track of your Avatar. You will need to pay for your Avatar up front because anything else happens. The cost was around $75. The ACE technician starts by asking you to select a body type for your Avatar. There are men, women, and children to choose from and there are 7 different body types total, four adults and three child sizes. Of the adult bodies, there are two male style and two female styles to choose from; you are picking out the color coordination for the body that you like. I picked the body type that had purple and yellow leaves across the chest. Create Your Own Na'vi Avatar Action Figure in Pandora

After you select the body type, the technician will scan your face to get a general shape and size for your head. They ask that you make a neutral face for this step. After the scan, it will appear on the screen in a digital format. It’s like seeing your face in CGI.  During the scanning process, the tech talks about how they are “taking some DNA” to help “grow” your Avatar, just like in the movie.

After the scan has been completed, the tech will hand you a tablet with the Avatar rendering that you can customize further. You’ll get to pick your eye color, hairstyle, and facial strip pattern. Everyone time you select an option, it will render on the tablet so that you can see if you like the way it looks. You’ll confirm all your selections and be sent on your way to way for your Avatar to be “grown.” They told me that it would be about a 45-minute wait. This may be different if there are a lot of people that were scanned before you, but I was the only one there that morning. Create Your Own Na'vi Avatar Action Figure in PandoraWhen you return, they will take you to the back wall of the store to see a panel to confirm your identity to pick up your Avatar. You’ll need the ACE Avatar Maker card that was assigned to you at the start. After you are confirmed the Avatar is revealed and you can take it home! Create Your Own Na'vi Avatar Action Figure in Pandora

What do you guys think, does my Avatar look like me?

You can also purchase accessories and clothing sets for your new Avatar, but I liked the original outfit the best.


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