Diary of a Future President is a Fun Family Comedy

Watch out world, Tess Romero, who plays Elena Canero-Reed in the new Disney+ show “Diary of a Future President” is your next big star. The show centers around Elena, a Cuban-American woman that was just elected to be President. But how did she get to this point? Her mother, Gabi, played by the fierce Selenis Leyva (“Orange Is the New Black”), reminds her by sending her the diary she kept as a child. It’s the ultimate origin story.

“It’s such a good story. It’s very inspirational, and I’m having a blast.”


Middle school is tough; there are a lot of ups and downs that kids go through. This new comedy hits the nail on the head when it comes to navigating this transition period. As a mother of a daughter that just entered middle school, I knew we were going to jump on board for this new show. After watching a handful of episodes, I’m beyond sold.

“Everybody who is inspiring, who is important, who is a great leader, was once a middle school kid, and for kids to be able to look at that and be like, ‘That can be me,’ I think that’s the most important [thing] to say, and I’m thrilled that we get to say it,” Ilana Peña the series creator explained.

One of the aspects that stick out in the show is the friendships that take center stage. Whether that is between Elena and her best friend (or past friends), Elena’s brother Bobby (played by Charlie Bushnell) and his tennis team, or Gabi and her coworker Camila (played by the firecracker Jessica Marie Garcia).

Aside from “Diary of a Future President,” giving us a look into the middle schooler life, we get a cultural glimpse into a Cuban American household. There are messages of empowerment that every family can live by, but especially those that have overcome discrimination. The cast is mostly comprised of women as well. Throw in a blended family, and you have a modern comedy filled with hope, joy, and love.

Gina Rodriguez (“Jane the Virgin”) plays the adult Elena in her new role as President. She also directs the first episode in the series (my favorite one so far).

“It’s the feeling of hope, the feeling of possibility, the excitement of bringing your art to so many people that are accepting and receiving and want to watch it and want the hope that we are displaying on-screen,” Rodriguez says. “It’s very exciting.” “””

“Diary of a Future President” premieres on Disney+ on January 17, 2020. There are ten episodes in season 1.

Executive producers are Gina Rodriguez, showrunner Robin Shorr (“The Carmichael Show”), Emily Gipson (“Someone Great”), and series creator Ilana Peña.

Diary of a Future President
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