Inside Out Emotions Wheel Printable


Inside Out Emotions Wheel PrintableEmotions and feelings can be hard to understand when you’re young. Which is why I loved bringing my girls to see Inside Out not once, but twice. We’ve done some fun Inside Out recipes and lots of fun activities sheets, but I decided to dive a little deeper into emotions with my oldest daughter because she is also going through lots of changes with growing up. So I created an Emotions Wheel to help teach her about different emotions with the help of Inside Out characters to explain them.


Download the Inside Out Emotions Wheel Printable hereInside Out Emotions Wheel Printable

Make sure you download the PDF by clicking the image above or the link above! Inside Out Emotions Wheel Printable

After you’ve printed your Emotions Wheel out on cardstock paper, cut out the two circles. Make sure you cut out the triangular section on the second circle. This will be the top piece. Inside Out Emotions Wheel Printable

Push a paper fastener (brad) through the center of both circles and close the fastener. That’s all you have to do! No, you can spin the top circle around and learn about all of the Inside Out Emotions. Once your child has learned about all of the emotions and feelings, you can use this wheel as a way to talk to your kids each day.Inside Out Emotions Wheel Printable

Ask them how they are feeling today, or this week. Maybe you didn’t realize that your child was feeling fear because the first day of school is coming up or joy because they kicked a winning goal during PE.

  • JOY– A feeling of great pleasure or happiness.
  • SADNESS –  A feeling of sorrow or unhappiness.
  • FEAR – The feeling of being afraid.
  • ANGER – A strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.
  • DISGUST – A feeling of revulsion or profound disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive.

There are lots of ways to get your kids talking to you about their emotions, the characters from Inside Out are just a fun and easy way to do that.

I’ve gone a little crazy buying up every Inside Out toy I can find. I recently went to my local Walmart and found a great collection of Inside Out toys. We got the entire exclusive plush set to bring home with us.

I like to tell people that my girls like to carry all of their emotions around with them. Now I have proof. Photo Jun 17, 5 23 31 PM

My youngest loves Joy the most, while my oldest likes Disgust. Which is fitting for a seven going on 17-year-old.

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