It’s Your Universe – Meeting Ashley Eckstein and Ashley Taylor


I have been called a fangirl a time or two. No one understands that more than Ashley Eckstein. Not only is Ashley Eckstein a fangirl, but she is also the voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, and Forces of Destiny. She saw a problem in the fandom universe when girls couldn’t find Star Wars clothes made for them and girls were sharing their stories about getting made fun of because they loved Star Wars. As a mega Star Wars fan, I get it. Ashley decided that she was going to create her own line of clothing for girls and women to share their love for fandoms. She launched Her Universe, and the rest is history. And by history I mean I filled my closet with all of her amazing designs, and I continue to fund and cheerlead for everything she does. Ashley_eckstein_ashley_taylor_book_signing

Ashley Eckstein’s story is amazing, and I love following her on social media because I get to see how much she truly is living her dream. The same can be said for Ashley Taylor’s beautiful work. Ashley Taylor is an illustrator that makes some of my favorite designs. My all-time favorite design is her Princess Leia and Padmé print she made around the time Carrie Fisher passed. You can see the print below. Taylor started created designs for Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe line. She also did the illustrations for Eckstein’s new book; It’s Your Universe: You Have the Power to Make it Happen! You can find her work all over Disney and in the WonderGround gallery! 


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Last month I was at the Disney Social Media Celebration, and I discovered that Ashley Eckstein was going to be speaking to us about her new book and that she and Ashley Taylor would be signing copies of their book as well. I had a complete fangirl freak out in my room because I missed getting to talk to them at the D23 Expo last summer. I tweeted about my excitement and the fact that all but one of my outfits for the trip was a Her Universe design. Eckstein responded and made my day (until later that day). 

Eckstein’s talk was inspiring and a confirmation to keep at your dreams. She speak’s in what I call Disney Dream quotes. Some of the great advice she had for us:

  • To avoid getting burnt out, take one day a week off from work. No emails, no work, and no thinking about work.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you NO! Yes, you can!
  • Throw your dreams out into the Universe. Say them out loud! 
  • No one and I mean no one can take away your power to believe.
  • Write down one impossible thing you believe in today. 
  • Don’t dream it. Be it!
  • There is no age limit for wishing!
  • Use the resources you have. Do things your own way and don’t be consumed by the competition. 
  • Build your team and identify your inner circle. 
  • YOU have to be the driving force of your own destiny.
  • Do something every day to get you closer to your goal. Break your goal down into small steps.

She spoke to us about her new book and then gave everyone a copy! It was wonderful to hear her speak. After the session ended we broke for lunch and I ended up walking right into both Ashley’s about to have their lunch. I had to say hello and tell them both how much I love their work. Then Ashley Eckstein took a photo of all of us and my day was made (until later that day). 

Photo courtesy of Ashley Eckstein

After we had lunch I went down to make sure I could get my book signed. It was to my surprise that this is the first time Ashley Eckstein and Ashley Taylor had seen the completed book and it was the very first book signing. First book signing Ashley Eckstein My book was the officially the first book signed! Now it’s the best day ever! 

It’s Your Universe: You Have the Power to Make it Happen comes out on May 8th but you can pre-order your copy now

Thank you so much to Ashley Eckstein and Ashley Taylor of being such trailblazers and so sweet when I fangirled all over their lunch. For giving us a copy of your book and signing it. You both are amazing women that I am so happy to have met. 

Check out the new Her Universe designs that were announced at D23 Expo!

You can find Her Universe on their website and at Hot Topic, Torrid, Disney Store, and in Disney Parks.

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