Maleficent Changes Everything You Knew About Sleeping Beauty


I’ve been looking forward to the release of Maleficent since it was first announced. Angelina Jolie was made for this role a million times over. It blew me away because it was not the story I was expecting. I walked away with a huge smile on my face.

“Maleficent,” the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic “Sleeping Beauty,” reveals the events that hardened Maleficent’s heart and drove her to curse the baby, Aurora, only to later realize that the child may hold the key to peace in the land. 

maleficent531f691e97442After 400 years, the story of Sleeping Beauty is about to change as you know it. You’ll never look at this story the same again, but thats a good thing. This one is much more interesting. The movie holds up to it’s name, it isn’t about Sleeping Beauty. You’ll discover what Maleficent is and how she came to curse baby Aurora.

***This is your spoilers warning***

maleficent536acd21a7684By now, you’ve seen the images of Maleficent in all her glory. A fairy with massive wings and the iconic horns. The three old biddies that took care of Aurora growing up were actually pixies. The all live in a land of moors away from the humans in peace. When that peace is threatened, Maleficent steps in to protect her home. We see a battle of creatures made of roots and trees. One that has them retreating pretty fast. The betrayal that Maleficent endures turns her heart to stone, leading to the curse of Aurora at her christening. Go figure it was a man’s fault. maleficent531f691a69a55

But as Aurora grows, Maleficent finds herself draw to the little girl and her light. An interesting fact about this scene with the young girl. That is actually Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. She was the only little girl that wasn’t scared of Jolie in full Maleficent make up. You’ll see right away why it was the perfect thing to do. She loves her Mommy no matter what she looks like. It’s absolutely precious. The way that Maleficent falls in love with Aurora and tries to revoke the curse, shows her the power of her revenge. When the curse can’t be revoked it’s about finding the only other way to break it.

I won’t spoil the end for you because everyone needs to go see this movie. I would make sure to see it in 3D too, it’s visual stunning. A true ride in a world that rivals Avatar. Which it should since the man behind the movie, Robert Stromberg in his directorial debut. I also loved Maleficent’s “wings,” Diaval played by Sam Riley. Morphing between a man, a crow, or even a dragon. He reminded me of a little conscience on her shoulder. Elle Fanning played a very free spirited and almost ditzy Aurora. I suppose I would act like that too if I was coped up with three nut jobs for most of my life. I’m glad that a movie was cast with an actual 16 year old instead of a 25 year old trying to play a 16 year old. Same goes for Prince Phillip, they both still have their baby faces.

It’s a must see this summer. Even just to see Angelina Jolie play the hell out of this role!


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