Watch Beauty and the Beast Show from the Disney Dream


You may not be able to jump aboard the Disney Dream but now you can experience the live entertainment from the ship. Now you can watch the Beauty and the Beast production!

Enjoy some Disney Magic Moments from home.

When you visit Disney, you can expect to be blown away by the shows, costumes, music, and technical aspects of a show. The same goes for a show that you would see on the Disney Cruise Line. On our recent trip on the Disney Dream, we got to see the fantastic, Broadway-caliber production of Beauty and the Beast. Set to look like the recent live-action movie, the show that you’ll see on the Disney Dream is like no other. It’s breathtaking and mixes puppetry, to bring the enchanted castle to life. As someone that grew up in theater, I was in aw the entire performance.

Watch Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Set Design

Disney is the master when it comes to the use of projection. You can see a castle transform before your eyes into a vast variety of scenes. This same technology is used on the Disney Dream set to transport the audience into the music box and into the story. You’ll see the set change from a provincial town to an enchanted castle in moments. This gives the production more space to move around without significant set changes or props making the scene changes effortless. It was amazing to watch how quickly it can be done and how beautiful the projections were.

Beauty and the Beast set on the Disney Dream.
Disney, Photographer: Alex Mirabal

Enchanted Characters

Bringing the characters to life was one of my favorite aspects of the show. The puppets were designed to look exactly like the live action and the performers playing them were also in costume. We get to see the characters as both themselves and their enchanted forms. It was a creative way to see them all together. Especially combined with the iconic rendition of “Be Our Guest.” The food leaps from the table in a culinary cabaret that is sure to leave you smiling.

Beauty and the Beast on the Disney Dream. Disney, Steven Diaz, photographer

Amazing Costumes

We got an exclusive look at the beautiful costumes from the performance. The costumes are always one of my favorite aspects of theater. It helps to transport me into the scene further. The two costumes below are for LeFou and Gaston.

Beauty and the Beast costumes on the Disney Dream
Beauty and the Beast costumes on the Disney Dream – LeFou and Gaston

My favorite costume was that of the lovely Madame Garderobe. The only character that can actually fit inside of her enchanted object, she was able to move it around just like you would expect a wardrobe to move all while giving me chills with her high notes.

Beauty and the Beast costumes on the Disney Dream
Beauty and the Beast costumes on the Disney Dream

If you are picking your next Disney Cruise based on the shows that you can see while on board, then make sure you check out the Disney Dream’s performance of Beauty and the Beast. It really is amazing.

This post first appeared on JaMonkey and is shared here with permission.

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