Why you should see Avengers Endgame in the first week


Avengers Endgame is a 22 movie and end credit scene in the making. It’s the end of a Marvel era that is paving the way to new stories. A not to be missed cinematic event that fans are going to love. Here are my spoiler-frees thoughts about the movie.

Endgame is a satisfying end to so many storylines that have played out over the years. Just as the trailer showcases, the focus is on the original Avengers that started this franchise. 

It is beautiful and triumphant all at the same time. There were times I was jumping in my seat. I laughed and I cried (heavily), at others. The way that this movie reminds us about the franchise as a whole brought on a full sense of nostalgia.

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Is there an end credit scene?

I can’t believe I’m even writing this, but NO there is no end credit scene. 

Seeing Endgame in the first week

I’ve been to my fair share of movies. Movies I love I see multiple times at screenings, during the opening, and before they leave theaters. Let me tell you, there is a difference.

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Avengers Endgame at a screening with other members of the media. While the room wasn’t filled with mega fans, there were still audible reactions for such an anticipated movie.

Seeing a movie with fans on the other hand, that is another story. There are cheers, tears, and jumping out of your seats. It’s an experience that brings me great joy. I love being among fans of a franchise that I love. Marvel fans are the best fans.

Diehard fans binged watched all of the movies before seeing Endgame. They will spot all the details that the Russo brothers want you to catch. I can’t stress enough how mega fans NEED to be in the room with other mega fans so they can feel the energy.

Is Avengers Endgame good for kids?

There is a lot of language for parents to be concerned about in the movie. The thing I would be more concerned with is some of the graphic violence.

You also have to consider the runtime of the movie. A full runtime of 3 hours and one minute means there will be a bathroom break almost assuredly.

The movie starts pretty slow and deals with the heavy topics of death and the mass genocide that Thanos accomplished in Infinity War.

I have a 7-year-old that I don’t plan on bringing to the theater. I know she won’t make it through the movie. My 11-year-old on the other hand, I will be taking. I know she understands the storyline on a deeper level and can handle the topics from the movie.

Be prepared

I left the movie in a cloud. There were so many emotions I felt in one sitting that I needed to sit on my thoughts for a little while I took in everything I saw. Satisfied is still the word I would use but there is a little bit of a hole left in me. I would describe it the same way as to how I felt after a show ends after being invested in it for years. You know at some point the story has an ending. You’re just sad that day is finally here.

I’m excited about the future of the MCU and seeing more stories start to unfold. Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and a lot more are planned. I hope there are crossing storylines that lead to another mega event like this one as well. Maybe with the Disney Fox merger, we can get the ultimate X-Men crossover and do a Secret Invasion event.

I can’t wait to hear about what other fans thought of the movie!

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